Compagnie Mangano Massip             Les Aimants

" How not to be enchanted, caressed by sublime poetry of " Les Aimants "..
Roma Fringe Festival 2015. 

"A delicate and soft representation
Magnificent the interpretation of both artists on stage, perfectly coordinated, in synchrony, light and meaningful, suggestive!!!"
Roma Fringe Festival 2015. Di Carla De Leo - 

In an eternal return this is a moving reflection on love and its degradation by the ravages of time, on the balance of power within the couple, but also on how the presence of the other can become the absence of ourselves and at the same time our existential foundation.

This duet tells the story of a couple having a relationship without words, become sclerotic with silence and lack of communication. As regards suffering, it is not to be denied. Dense and almost palpable, this feeling sweeps into the space and makes it tangible, vibrates to the slightest movement of each character.
But here and there a tender gesture, a memory fled , a ray of sunshine coming in breaking into this claustrophobic relationship, a current of fresh air that swipt away the pain of loneliness .

So like a surrealist painting, several times intersect, dream time , memories, imagined future ,uncertain present . Characters like tightrope walkers / sleepwalkers dance on the tightrope of their destiny between desires and cowardice .
Time of sentimental break-up reveals the characters’ hidden personality. Metaphors pile over common reality which, as a leitmotiv, intrudes more and more oppressively. Love letters or rupture letters merge in the impotence of leaving or staying .

A poetic duo, that says how the presence of the other can haunt us to the impossible


                 ° "Les Aimants " won the interpretation price at the Roma Fringe Festival in 2015

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Crédit photo : Luciano Usai, Maurice Melliet and PYM