pastillemm  Rémanence... Au fil du Mythe



Rémanence (afterglow): "Capacity of a sensation - especially visual - to persist after the disappearance of the stimulus."

Our ideas, our thoughts, our memories, our emotions float constantly around us and fill up the moving space of our lives.
Feeble presences, dense absences... they are where we are. They walk with us and leave their transparent imprint in the footsteps of our steps.
This project questions the idea of ​​the Trace.

Leaving a trace tangible or invisible, fleeting or indelible: this is the whole purpose of the show, which questions, by force of the physical movement and departing from great founding myths, this what remains of a civilization ... of a life.

The trace which repeats and accumulates itself becomes a road, a direction, a course. We will follow 3 characters, three women in suspense, three questions around the trace.
 Inspired by the Mythology and transposed into modern figures.

Over the Myth: the hidden faces of women.

Penelope: an old lady who loses her memory surrounded by memories which mix, disappear and crumble. What self-perception can we still have when our own trace disappears in ourselves?

Eurydice, a young woman who died in an accident and who wanders between places of her life. The trace which we leave on the other, the trace which holds us back, this link with life and which continues living on the other (here the lover Orpheus)

Pandora is pregnant and she wonders about the birth. Pandora is the first woman and her child is humanity ... humanity is represented here by Prometheus, the builder. In a game of building and destroying, Hubris’ question arises: the excessive pride of Man and the trace he leaves on the planet.

As a movement-based piece, the language of the show is founded on the work of the material which tends to fix the trace of our passage on Earth ; layer after layer, patiently, Time erases, covers and buries . Chalk, clay, grass, concrete, plaster, water are all metaphors and poetic images to tell the force of what remains, Remanence.





Credit Photo: Miedzynarodowy festival sztuki Mimu 2018 et Gilles Dantzer