10th Summer School of Modern Mime
​Summer Intensive
31 July - 11 August 2017

The vision of our program is to provide our participants with a curriculum that spans the breadth of the Modern Art of Mime.
Our interest is not to teach the style of a singular creator or artist; in fact, our goal is completely the opposite. Our vision, is to meld together all of the essential elements from all of the key innovators of modern mime into one solid and clear curriculum.

The "structures" we present enable the participant to understand elements of mime in a singular fashion, and later combine them according to their particular vision and style of work they intend to pursue.

Our working relationship with our students will be long term. As it was with the original Goldston School for Mimes, the School for Modern Mime will function as a school of thought and develop the artistry of its’ participants throughout the year.

It will serve the professional artist by providing artistic direction, provide the beginner student with a solid base of training along side of participants who are already deep within the art, as well as serve as a center point for mime collaboration for company projects.

The Daily Schedule is based upon the work to be shown in the evening "Lab Class." The Lab Class is the time where all of the participants will present a 2 to 5 minute piece based upon the assignment given in the afternoon Composition class. The assignments span several compositional structures and cover both Solo and Group choreography formats.
Each day, the morning and afternoon sessions will prepare the student with the techniques, acting methods and choreographic knowledge to complete the given assignment for the evening Lab. Over the two-week program, these assignments build upon each other and give the participants a broad knowledge and set of performance skills to continue on their own throughout the upcoming year.

The following classes are coordinated throughout the day, and week in order to best provide the participants with the essential information needed to choreograph and perform evening Lab assignments on a daily basis.

Designed to pronounce the student's strength, stretch, balance, and lyricism. This class will focus on the elements from classic part of Polisch pantomime training called "Plastyka Ciała" that are needed for the art of mime. The class will function as a warm-up and technique class.

This class concentrates upon the work created by Etienne Decroux known as Triple-Design, Plum Line, and Counter-Weight. This will follow the "Plastyka Ciała" and is a highly technical class that develops the separation of body parts and physical musicality.

This class emphasizes the stylistic elements created by Henryk Tomaszewski known as Group Composition, Contrapuntal movement, Creating of a Character. This class is designed to develop physicality, strength, and rhythm.

This class emphasizes the illusionary and acting techniques created by Marcel Marceau known as Marches, Character stances, Elliptic and Metamorphose, as well as stage projection and physical suspension.

A class dedicated to the Illusionary techniques needed to create the invisible world through the creation and manipulations of objects, environments, as well as the techniques of compressing time and space are covered in this class.

This class presents the Modern Mime acting method developed by Gregg Goldston. This four-pose phrase system enables the performer to present a clear train of thought to the audience. The Phrasing categories: Monologue, Dialogue, and Announcement are then utilized in etudes and improvisations to develop realism and clarity of intent.

Focusing on the Comic-Beat, this class let's the students work their comedic acting skills through a variety of solo and group scenarios. Utilizing the four-pose phrase system, the students cover the action-reaction, surprise, and relationship methods of classic comedy.

On days when the students are given more complex assignments, extra rehearsal time is offered with the faculty on hand to help with the construction and development of the student's work.

The Evening Laboratory class is the heart of the curriculum system as the daily class schedule throughout Two-Week program is geared towards the assignments given for Lab. The School's curriculum revolves around four choreographic writing structures. These structures enable the mime artist to write works within each structure and then combine them as needed for any particular idea or concept being pursued. Gregg Goldston developed these writing structures and assignments over the past several decades at the School for Mimes and the Goldston New York studio. These structures are as follows and can be applied to both Solo and Group Choreography:
One-character plays, Multi-Character plays, Placeless-Plots and Metamorphosis.

Morning Session: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
-- Lunch Break --
Afternoon Session: 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
-- Dinner Break --
Evening Lab Session: 7:00 PM to 9-10:00 PM
(Depending on the assignment)

10th School of Monern Mime Teachers
Sara Mangano (FR)
Pierre-Yves Massip (FR)
Lionel Menard (FR)
Bartlomiej Ostapczuk(PL)

Sara Mangano and Pierre-Yves Massip (FR) met in 1994 at the Marcel Marceau school of Mime and ever since then we have chosen to explore together the vast world of their imagination. For over fifteen years, they have worked as a duo to shape a gestural and visual theatre where the body is both the tool and the goal. "We work with the drama of movement that can echo our everyday lives with all its little ups and downs as well as take us on an epic lyrical journey into our thoughts". A poetic and popular theatre that whilst rooted in the grammar of mime desires to enrich itself with the vocabulary of other new theatrical styles.
After working within Marcel Marceau's Company and taking care of the creative of Acta Fabula Company during 10 years. Sara and Pierre-Yves founded in 2010 their own company: The Company Mangano-Massip (ex Autour du Mime).
Their work has given birth to numerous shows: « Archibald et Margaret », « Tell me the truth and other stories », «The adventures of Pym the clown », « The 4 seasons » and the work in progress « Life in a box ».

"We are very attached to the idea of transmitting our art, and our teaching is based on the understanding and use of the three major mime techniques: Marcel Marceau, Etienne Decroux and Jacques Lecoq. We strive for the recognition of the Art of Mime in the theatrical world and the eyes of the general public.:

Lionel Ménard (FR) – Director

​ “In May 1968 I was scarcely a month old. My first plays played out between the line of my schoolbooks without words, without music, only pictures separating the world of dictations from the world of calculations. These interim spaces were freedom. Not insistent stories but windows between twenty-six mistakes in a dictation and nine eights are eighty. Forty years later I feel that I made a career from this.”

He was an actor of Marcel Marceau Company and Cie Philippe Genty. 

Bartłomiej Ostapczuk (PL)

A mime artist, a pantomime director, a choreographer and a stage movement designer, a choreography and pantomime consultant in a drama performances, a teacher. Since 2005, ha has been Artistic Director of the International Mime Art Festival at the Na Woli Theatre in Warsaw. He is the originator and founder of the the Warsaw Mime Center and Mimo Mime Theatre as well as European Mime Federation (PL/CZ/D) He has co-authored may projects and artistic productions related to pantomime and movement theatre. He has been running the Mime Studio in Warsaw since 2005. He is lecturer in pantomime in Poland and abroad. In 1998-2001, he was an actor at the Warsaw Mime Theatre and Mime Studio. He was awarded several scholarships of The School for Mime Theatre in the United States (2001,2003,2004). He has also studied Mime Art in Spain. He plays in Warsaw’s theatres including the Great Theatre - National Opera House, the Powszechny Theatre, the Och Theatre. His roles include parts in performances directed by Roberta Wilson, Lionel Menard, Leszek Mądzik, Krzysztof Warlikowski, Mariusz Treliński, Petr Bochac, Mikołaj Grabowski, Tomasz Konina, Achim Freyer, Jan Buchwald, Laco Adamik. He performed in theatres in Japan, Puetro Rico, the USA,the UK, Germany, China, Lithuania, Rusia, France, Israel, South Korea, Sweden, Czech, Spain, Slovakia and New Zealand

Fee for whole workshops is 500 Euro only! If you wish to stay in theatre guest room
then fee is 700 Euro but please first make sure we still have a space.

How to Apply?

The best way is to contact with us by writing e-mail on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. then we will contact you and do the rest.
You may also call on +48 793 019 736.