pastillemm  Cultural action

The work of Cultural Action fits perfectly into the continuity of our company’s work which, since its creation, it’s committed to creating a fruitful exchange between educational and creative activities.

In the very heart of our creative process, we have always kept an important part for the artistic education: the meeting with different audiences/participants, the sharing of the know-how, the communication of a passion and a way of life. For us, pedagogy is a wonderful moment of experimentation and inspiration, as well as a privileged moment of openness to others, an incubator of ideas, poetry and wonder.


For several years we have been involved in national education within the framework of projects such as the PEAC (artistic and cultural education course), the CLEA (residency mission / local contract of artistic education), ten months of school and Opera (with the Paris Opera), and also specific courses in collaboration with theaters and orchestras. We have carried out many projects with ONDIF (national orchestra of Ile de France) and the regional orchestra of Lower Normandy.

 We also conceived bespoke projects for teachers of Option Theatre and Educational Workshops for teachers.

pastillemm  Some references

Residency mission Clea / GPS&O 2018-2019, Project " Genius Loci"
Residency mission Clea/ Seine-Essones 2015, Project "Life in a box"
Dix mois d'ecole et d'Opéra 2018, Project "est-ce que j'ai une tête à aller à l'Opéra"
Artist residency at Lycée Français of Singapore2018, project " Le Chateau vide"
Artist residency at Lycée Français of Singapore 2017, project "les fables en folie"
Peac primary school Corbeil-Essonnes 2017, project "les fables en folie"
Peac primary school Ormoy 2016, project "la danse en jeu"
Peac secondary school Corbeil-Essonnes 2016, project " le Geste Expressif"
Collaboration with ONDIF:
2017 Project " Petroucka
2016 Project"Roméo et Juliette"
2012  Project"Les lumière de la Ville"
2010 Project" Casse Noisette"
2008 Project "Les Ballets Russes"
2007 Project " L'oseau de feu"
Collaboration with l'Orchestre régionale de Basse Normandie:
2013/2014 Project "Pouquoi les moutons ont de la laine"
Workshop "Made to measure" Option theatre:
Lycée Français of Singapore de 2015 à 2018
Lycée Français of Brasilia, 2018
Lycée Français of Alger,  2017


.pastillemm Documentary Life in a Box/ Clea Seine-Essone 2015

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