pastillemm Actor's training

An important part of our pedagogy is directed towards professionals or young people in the process of professionalization.
We intervene regularly in theatre schools, theatre academies as well as in universities. Also, in professional actor’s training programmes in France and abroad.
The Academy of the Union, Professional Upper School of Limousin Theatre, Academia di Teatro Sofia Amendolea, Rome, China Arts Academy (Hangzhou) are the latest partners to have trusted on us.

pastillemm The educational themes

The theatrical physicality requires to explore extra daily's expressive paths to create a specific and powerful language, it has the genius of essentiality and can not lie.

Our research around mime leads us to bring out the primitive instinct of mimesis to put it at the service of a poetic analysis of our reality.

-The body in all its states



An introduction to the theatrical art of mime through identification exercises with the world around us: elements, colors, natural phenomena, animals, the human world and its products, as well as the first technical approaches.
-the four elements in their forms and their dynamics.
-The techniques of metamorphosis of the body.
-The analysis of movement and choreographic composition in mime.
- the work of decomposing the body






-The body metaphor / Creating its language


UAn approach to creative work and body dramaturgy.
We approach mime as a language that expresses itself through metaphor: poignant by its essentiality and its dramatic force.

-The poetics of the invisible.
-The contact and the lift as a metaphor for human relationships.
-the portrait of thought through movement.





-The poetics of the concrete

la poetique du concret site

An approach to the physical matter, its dramatic force, its intrinsic symbolism and its physical potentiality, to see plastic.
We will use matter as a partner by searching its "marionnetic" potentialities, using games to support enriching dramatic interpretation.

- Mimodynamics of the matter.
- The matter as support of dramatic games.
- Matter as a physical partner of the game
- The matter of the body.
- dramaturgy of the matter.



- The burlesque

papiquilibre copie

An approach to principles of the burlesque that is based on a "friendly" meeting of mechanics and sensitivity.
Our reflections on a body-dramaturgy of the burlesque has led us to distinguish several fields of research that we will discuss in detail.

- The burlesque body and the burlesque of the body
-The mechanics of burlesque with objects
-The burlesque and the invisible
-The burlesque situation and the ballet of the absurd.





- Body Agreements

des corps accords


An approach to duet work and an exploration of the dramatic possibilities of the chorus. In this sense we will approach the work with contact and lifts to release the metaphorical value of the relationships between bodies. We will use improvisation to allow the student/participant to develop his/her imagination and creativity.

We will work more specifically on:
-The analysis of the movement
-The contact and the lift
-The material chorus
-The counterweights