Compagnie Mangano Massip             The Theatrical Body
Lecture / show

 "Two artists in the summits of their art of mime , at the middle-path between the dance and the theater, perfectly accompanied by the music, they fascinate the spectator by their expertise … All their body is in movement, in a total control "

Louis Fouquoire (
 8 april 2015


The Theatrical Body or what is mime?

Funny and poetic journey into the world of mime..

In this lecture / show, we will talk about the fundamentals of mime and its own dramaturgy, to understand what makes it a language, to access the specific creative process of this art.
We want to confront the clichés of mime to show and demonstrate that mime is not only silent: he does not speak because he does not need it. The mime is not condemned to a white face - accident of history or choice of artist - this mask has nothing to do with the fundamentals of the art of mime. The mime works with the invisible because it is part of his own dramaturgy but he is also skilled with the object which in his hands becomes alive ...


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Crédit photo : Mariajosé Catàlan fotografia et Miedzynarodowy festival sztuki Mimu 2016