Compagnie Mangano Massip             Archibald & Margaret



          A comic tableau of the difficulty for a couple to live together on a daily basis, this show evokes the problems of communal life. Erosion, love that fades with time and the dependence of one for the other that increases with habit over time...

This theme focuses on the idea of an overwhelming relation justified by the work on acrobatic lifts, underlining the couple’s unstoppable need for one and other, as one can no longer function without the other.

Archibald and Margaret live in a bubble, the stage is their refuge, the scenery and the props are intimate parts of their story. The objects hold the memories of their past life and constantly stimulate the nostalgia of our heroes. It is a closed universe where everything carries a symbol, the objects around the two characters are transformed and their meaning changed so as to reveal part of the couple’s story.

Archibald and Margaret is a comic and poetic show, where the two main characters, stuck in their contradictions, are ridiculous and moving through their naïve sincerity. They take us on a journey into their most intimate thoughts and dreams in their imaginary, surreal and yet humanly touching world.

Archibald & Margaret has toured in France, Spain, Italy, Kosovo, Montenegro and the United States.


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Photo credit : Barbara Mangano