Compagnie Mangano Massip           Creations


A contemporary, humanist and engaged theatre which recreated the world poeticaly. 


We are willing to create a popular theatre, rooted in the present, to treat social and political topics, sometimes engaged and sometimes intimate which touch human being by its universality.

"We work with the drama of movement that can echo our everyday lives with all its little ups and downs as well as take us on an epic lyrical journey into our thoughts".

From danse or theater, our creation find its identity in the choice of movement theater and fair gesture. 

Always curious, we like multiple inspirations and different esthetics.

We love to explore neighbour activities: circus, clown, improvisation, marionette.

We don't exclude neither speech nor music.

We are interested in new technlogies and are opened to new meeting which enhance our creative horizon.


Sara Mangano and Pierre-Yves Massip are superb storytellers...