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Witty, delightful, sophisticated,wonderful!
It's a charming and very funny piece - like a silent movie brought to life.
BE Festival 2011

The pervading impression of the four pieces is strong. The investment from both performers is abundantly clear, the passion infused into every nuance of action is contagious,and it's packed full of visual charm....
Mime London Festival 2012



           Since 1997, Sara Mangano and Pierre-Yves Massip have been exploring the art of mime and its extended forms of expression such as physical theatre, pantomime or Dramatic Corporeal Mime.

This vision of theatre provides body as the keystone of any dramatic material. Then come music, literature, dance and all the related forms of Live Performing Arts.

Several short plays came out of that work. Each one has a unique style, inspired by the imagination of fables or poetry. These same fables or poems had already offered their own esthetical and dramatic vision to Physical Theatre.

This show has toured in France, Italy, United-Kingdom and the United States.

It has been shown at the Mime London Festival 2012 and has been rewarded "Best performance" at the Birmingham Be Festival in 2011. Moreover, the compagny was part of the three selected at the Best of Be Tour 2011.


pastillemm Remanence

Remanence: "property of a sensation, in particular visual, to persist after the disappearance of the stimulus. " 

Our thoughts, our memories, our emotions are constantly floating around us and fill the moving space of our lives. Presence is tenuous, absences dense, they are where we are, they walk with us and leave their imprint in the trace of our footsteps.


pastillemm  The Blue Frame

Originally created for the tour in Iran, this solo leads one to question about the limits society imposes on the individuals - particularly on woman and also tempts to analyze the ambiguous relations we all have with their limits.


pastillemm  Trace

In this play the material and the subject become confused The man is at the same time the creator and the creation. From the most innocent poetic gesture to draw until the delirious madness of megalopolises, from the invention of love until that of the war, this play puts us in front of this question Which mark we want to let on the world?


pastillemm Tell me the truth

This duet tells the story of a couple having a relationship without words, or tender gestures. This relationship has become sclerotic with silence and lack of communication. They both stand on their side and hold to their part: the victim or the executioner....

But who’s who? As regards suffering, it is not to be denied. Dense and almost palpable, this feeling sweeps into the space and makes it tangible, vibrates to the slightest movement of each character. Time of sentimental break-up reveals the characters’ hidden personality.

Metaphors pile over common reality which, as a leitmotiv, intrudes more and more oppressively to end up like a shower of letters. Is it really over?


pastillemm the Dream

Tribute to Marcel Marceau through the fantastic journey of a puppet in its effigy.



Crédit photo : Luciano Usai et Jemina Boracino



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