pastillemm       Life in a box (work in progress)

       A portrait of the humaneness, between fear and liberty. 
Life in a Box is a project which matter our "life-together" onto the city, though the analysis of the new social behaviour born thanx to the virtual technology in our everyday life. It's also a political matter regarding liberty and voluntary servitude:   

Which constraints are we able to accept in our lives, our cities, our democracies?
On the opposite side, the ultraliberalism of the intimacy and the positive marketing of humankind aren't they a fake liberty? 

pastillemm       Life in a box / Chimera

Showcase of the research about "Life in a box" at the artist's collective 6BIS (Vitry sur Seine), on the Mime and Gestual Arts.



Photo credit : Florent Burgevin






pastillemm       Life in a box / Cortex

Showcase of the work in progress "Life in a box" further to a residence at "Comme Vous Emoi) Montreuil, during Mimesis Festival at the International Visual Theatre (IVT). 





Photo credit :©CPR, Thomas Ansart, Gérard Reuillard et JF Massip






pastillemm       Life in a box / Virtual party

Showcase of Virtual Party further to a residence at "Comme Vous Emoi" (Montreuil) during the Mimesis Festival at MPAA (Saint-Germain, Paris), a special edition dedicated to Marcel Marceau.




Photo credit : Club Photo Rosnéen



pastillemm       Trailer, presentation file

download the presentation file (french)