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A casual evening to present mime in all its forms: all techniques, all styles, all schools. Our desire is to gather those who do mime : young and old, professionals and amateurs in order to create unusual and unexpected encounters, giving stage to the unique creativity of mime art.

During the evening, a group of mime performers, accompanied by musicians and a lighting technician, will be confronted with improvisation games. The troupe will be led by a master of ceremonies who will leads the dance of luck, drawing the theme from the hat and even inviting the audience to join the artists and enjoy the fun of physical improvisation.

This concept of improvisation game (formerly Mim'provisation) has been played during 8 years with a growing audience’s success in Paris, Lille, at Mimos Festival in Périgueux, at Be festival in Birmingham, Montpellier ...



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Photo credit : Stéphane Piera, Jemina Boracino, BE Festival 2012 (Mim'Provisation) © Alex Brenn