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pastillemm       MIMESIS (Platform of the creativity of Mime and Movement arts)


Conceived by the companies Hippocampe, Les Éléphants Roses, Mangano-Massip and Platform 88, MIMESIS is a platform of short pieces, an artistic encounter between public, artists and professionals. A portray of the current state of the contemporary creation in the mime and movement arts which bears witness to the diversity of approaches to a corporal dramaturgy: movement theatre, mime, mask, visual theatre, corporeal mime, dance-theatre, corporal theatre, movement and texture, physical theatre...

 Very soon the next edition: from 18th to 21st October 2018 at Ivt-International Visal Theatre- Paris
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First edition March 2012 at Comme vous Emoi, Montreuil
> whatch the video

Previous editions
> Teaser 6th edition A – 2016 : whatch the video
> Teaser 6th edition B – 2016 : whatch the video
> Teaser 5th edition - 2015 :  whatch the video
> Teaser 4th edition - 2014 :  whatch the video
> Teaser 3rd edition - 2013 :  whatch the video
> Teaser 2nd edition - 2012 : whatch the video
> Teaser special edition - 2013 à la MPAA Saint-Germain : whatch the video


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