pastillemm    Medea Project

A project which merge amateur and professional, teaching skills and performance. 
An evolving project, always renewed through its meetings and encounters.
It's a re-reading of the myth, from contemporary re-writing: Heiner, Müller, Max Rouquette, Irina Possamai...
And also a thought of a collective and poetic imaginery.


pastillemm       Artistic notes 

      Medea is the archetype of the foreigner woman: from an immigrant facing an other culture, to a woman forced  to be someone else.  She has to give up her specific culture to fit in conventional rules. A a consequence, it's the story of a fight between keeping his identity and integrating established conventions, a fight evolving through love and passion. Identical, political, social and civical fightings: all the aspects which enable us to think about Medea's "antic modernity". She is a criminal and a victim, a ancient and terrible power, the weaking link of the humankind wars. 


pastillemm       Educational project 

      The professional troupe already set up the framework: Medea story with made-up scenes which are part of the framework.

During the course / rehearsal, the group playing the choir learn mime and gestual theatre technics through learning the construction of the scenes. Some improvisation enable the group to fit in Medea Myth and let  them a creative part of the show, making the show unique. This project is offer to class, highschool students, theatre option... and also amateur or professional groups. 

It's also a way of social integration: meeting specific public, minoritie, community from immigration who integrate their own personnal experience of living as a foreigner to Medea Myth, the eternal stranger. 


pastillemm       Partnership

      This show has been played at the Institut Français of Madrid. The choir was played by  the theatre's option from the french highschool of Madrid.


 pastillemm   Presentation file and trailer

          > download the presentation file (french)
          > watch the trailer






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Photo credit: Institut Français de Madrid