pastillemm       PYM. le clown

PYM. has just came back
He hasn't accomplished his destiny yet. 
He will be a hero, like his father, his grandfather, his grand grandfather... 
To accomplish his mission, he won't back down...
... but what is the mission again? 


It's a show made of clown, mime, jugglery, acrobatics, theatre, circus... It's a tragedy where PYM, in order to be like his father, will meet his worst enemy... himself! The author use his character like a soldier to face his foolish responsibility. It's a wild quest in which the public will be mystified by the imagination of the clown. 


It's such a serious matter... we prefer to laugh at it!!


PYM. the last journey has been created at the Théâtre de Dourdan, the residence's company.




Crédit photo : Sarah Gautré


pastillemm       Trailer, presentation file

> trailer to be watched soon

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